I went down a rabbit hole searching for a file on my computer and found a bunny! Multiple bunnies!

All my kids are too old for bonnets, so I rarely remember that they are a thing. I almost swooned when I can across all these photos - do you think I could convince my kids to wear darling bonnets again?

I drafted these patterns YEARS AGO. I very much wanted an Easter bonnet for my baby and I could not find a bonnet pattern anywhere. This was pre-internet days when one relied on the fabric stores for patterns and inspirations. So I figured out how to make my own - with the patient help of my mother, of course.

There are two different Bonnet Patterns listed in the Etsy shop.

A Classic Bonnet Pattern and A Bunny Cloak with variations.

The Classic Bonnet that can be sewn with bunny or bears ears, reversible, or with a pom pom. The pattern comes with 5 different sizes - newborn, baby, toddler, child, pre-kindergarten, and tween.

The Bunny Bonnet Cloak with variations comes in 5 sizes as well! This pattern is adapted to have a cloak, collar or ruffle. Each one darling!

Make it, because you can!

xo, Kyla