It is the middle of January and the past week weather has behaved like it with -44 Celsius. Canada can be rather chilly.

YET... there is something to being frozen inside that beckons for spring to dance in my head and it fills me with such anticipation in the best possible way. I actually do not mind the cold weather or snowy days for the most part. I love the stillness it can bring - like a large cozy blanket. I feel like my head can finally just enjoy all the ideas it is conjuring.

In this particular moment, I am considering how delightful it could be to update the Bonnet Sewing Pattern. I am also wondering why adults don't wear bonnets more - a winter one would be just the thing! The wind would not be able to nip at my ears!

If you are new to sewing and want to try something a little more adventurous, bonnets are a good place to start. They are more detailed with the curves and matching the pieces in the appropriate places, but they come together rather easily. The satisfaction is exhilarating and you may find yourself preening with your accomplishments. It is well deserved.

The best part is that the Bonnet Sewing Pattern is reversible! Yayyyy! No need to choose what fabric you like more for outside or inside. I like to use flannel on one side and a cotton on the other, so you can adjust the warmth.

Available in 6 sizes: newborn, baby, toddler, prekindergarten, child, and tween. You can add bunny ears (perfect for Easter) or adorable little bear ears!

Make it, because you can!