yup, that's me.

My mind is a whirlwind - the most perfect storm of ideas and projects. That's kinda my superpower. I am excessively passionate about most things and I need to regularly reign in my zeal. Ultimately, I fiercely believe in MAKING and DOING.

I am a formally trained Interior Design Technician and seasoned Photographer. But guess what? Making dolls and playful things is in my bones. I just can't help it.

If you are still curious about more personal info, here are some tidbits:

  • Mom to five & marvel I have not broken them yet. AND still married. I know, the wonders.
  • I am almost old... & I love it. History has shown what a gift age is. Although I am slightly terrified, my gramma is fierce & moving at 104.
  • I am almost deaf & almost hearing. Legally I am 'severely deaf'; functionally, I am, well, functional. Maybe mildly aloof at times - it adds to my glamour. Let's pretend my failure to hear you was intentional. Being almost deaf has immensely shaped my life & creativity. Most days I wouldn't have it any other way. Generally, deafness is not seen in society. Glasses are smart - hearing aids are geriatric. No heroine wears hearing devices - except me (wink)....& every other deaf person (double wink). We are out there.
  • I am a runaway Mormon, not to be confused with runway... (I am no longer a practicing Mormon). Which is only relevant because it means I can MAKE things. Seriously guys. Mormons can MAKE things. I grew up sewing, cooking, & creating. It is in my blood. I have a deep love for my Heritage and hope to pass on the best of it to my babies.

If you are positively dying for any other information about me, shoot me an email. Otherwise, LET'S MAKE THINGS.

~ Kyla