Bugs are joyful, too

Especially these ones! I am so delighted with how they turned out. It all began with a thought to create an ornament that can be played with by the littles of the family. I have been working on a doll series with the same format, but bugs were much easier to test the concept with. I am sensing MANY more variations to come!

This pattern combines a few different techniques - beadwork, embroidery, iron-on transfers to create these playful, little bug friends. My goal is to create patterns that every level of enthusiast can attempt and enjoy. These bugs require a few colourful stitches and they are instantly charming. If desired, the seasoned expert could embroidery the whole thing and skip the iron-on transfer - a feat beyond my patience!

My favourite part is that they can really adorn almost anything - it doesn't need to be a tree! I am imagining a little bug friend whimsically hanging on a hook in my bedroom to say good day to me each morning. I shall work on that promptly. Find the pattern HERE!