A couple of years ago, my youngest was a tad apprehensive about the long school days ahead without me. That was the beginnings of the pocket heart! A small token to sit inside a pocket (or backpack) and squeeze whenever in need of courage or comfort.

The Pocket Heart Sewing Pattern is actually a bonus pattern to the Heart Pillow Sewing Pattern. The heart pillow came to be when I was leaving the kids for the weekend and my youngest two were insistent that bedtime simply couldn't happen if I wasn't there. I quickly whipped up a couple of heart pillows and showed them how to hug it to their own hearts as they snuggled into bed. When they felt lonely they could just give it a squeeze. It has been YEARS since those first pillows were created, but they still sit on their beds and are hugs every night!

A cuddly heart, perfect for Valentines Day! Truth be told, the only thing I associate with appointed love day, is sugar cookies and cinnamon hearts.

xo, Kyla