I awoke in the wee hours this morning with a smile on my face and full of so much HOPE and JOY for this coming 2024 year. 

My usual practise is the immediately hop from my bed, feel my way through the dark to my office and pour myself into whatever task I have on the go. I really really LOVE mornings - especially the magical hours before the world awakes and all the energies begin to stir and mix into the day. Winter is best will its blanket of darkness that seems to keep those energies blanketed just a little bit longer.

But this morning, I wrapped the covers a little tighter and revelled in the appreciation. These past two weeks were a bustle, but the sweetest for my family. 

If truth be told, I am not one for holidays and heightened expectations. I love the idea, but the practise always wears me down quickly. I crave my solitude.

But this year was different. My two oldest returned home and a spell was cast - like a song that finally found its resonance or a puzzle filling in its missing pieces. They all followed each other around all day long.

They even let me take their pictures. At one time, I would pose and contrive for the photos I envisioned. These days I am so delighted with the subjects, I just look for the light to do the rest.

Now I must patiently await for the film scans… Another goal for 2024 - more FILM photos.

xo, Kyla