It is time to refine.

I have spent my life in somewhat of a whirlwind. From a home full of littles that have grown to big littles (they will always be my babies) to the torrent of projects and passions. Throw in the reckoning of life and identity and you have a full soup of chaos - one might say a lumpy stew.

For years I have diligently tried to hold it all. Embrace the confusion and self identify as a multi-tasker. But I am learning. One cannot plant and nurture seeds where the soil isn't cleared and nourished. I have successfully cultivated brambles - full of roses, thorns and every plant in between.

The fall invites us to let go. It is amazing how bittersweet it feels.

It feels a little scary to say no to things that seem like everyone says I should say yes to.

Things that I am good at, but no longer call to me.

I have decided to be in my own life and trust the process to my own knowing.

Here goes. Wish me luck.