the power of a name

More than once someone has stumbled over my chosen design name - Kyla Something. Could I not just remember my name? Is 'something' just a place holder?

I suppose, in a sense it is. My given surname at birth is Lybbert. At the young age of 19, I married. I meekly petitioned to keep my glorious maiden name and there much ado about in the families. Being young and still holding my fire deep down, I acquiesced. On July 10 of 1999, I legally became known as 'Hornberger'.

It never felt right. It is simply not my name. Every time someone recognizes the name Hornberger, I am asked if I am related to such and such and from there the stories of how they are connected come pouring out. No I do not know that person with my husbands name.

I thought time would remedy the situation, but it has not. The name still feels like a costume I wear. I considered returning to my given name, but that no longer felt complete after so much time. Enter in Kyla Something.

I am more than a name.

I am not one thing.

I am something more than both.

Hence... Kyla Something.

My youngest, Pippa, is pretty much my twin... I am pretending that this is a younger me so happy with the older me.