What doll is right for me?

In short, they ALL are. Or maybe I am just a tad over enthusiastic about doll-making. I love the process of creating a brand new friend. There is magic in making something that didn't exist before. Here is a quick summary of the current Doll Patterns in the shop.


Pattern HERE.

This was the first doll I ever converted to a digital pattern (not the first doll I designed). The concept of the doll itself began with my youngest daughter's third birthday. I wanted to make something for her that she could hold later in life and feel the love that only handmade gifts carry.

Doll Details:

30" high

Difficulty level: Advanced Beginner with embroidery experience.


Pattern HERE.

This doll began with a client request. I had a large doll and a small doll, but nothing in the middle.

Doll Details:

23" high

Difficulty Level: Beginner - best doll to learn doll-making with!


Pattern HERE.

This is my smallest doll to date (I have another smaller design in the making). She was inspired by dolls of the past. A classic doll, with felted wool hair and simple embroidery.

Doll Details:

18" High

Difficulty Level: The Doll is Beginner level, the hair is done with felting & requires a persistent spirit. Felting is not hard, but it does require time & patience.