About 2 years ago I became VERY disenchanted with pants. I decided it as high time for me to learn how to sew my own. No more cinched waist or the crotch rise that is too short for me!

Luckily, I stumbled across the #memade on Instagram and tumbled deeply into the world where other sewists of every body type posted and reviewed their latest creations with all the alterations they did. It was such a good starting point and I am so grateful for people to take the time to share!

One of my favourite makes as been the Pomona Pants from Anna Allen. I cut them out they evening before and sewed them the next day in less than 2 hours. AND I have worn them endlessly all summer long!

Pattern: Pomona Pants

Size: 6

Fabric: 100% Otek certified Linen purchased locally.