Finally... a knitting pattern with pictures!

I have a distinct memory of myself sitting on our garage-sale-early-90's-black-metallic couch painstakingly figuring out just HOW to make a stocking. I had only 2 littles at the time and they observed bedtime - unlike the later littles. So every evening I would sit and figure out how to make a stocking from a plethora of books and such from the library - this was pre the-internet-has-everything days.

What I would have dearly loved then was a pattern with pictures. Actually, I wish knitting patterns did that always now. So, if you are like me and find yourself with the inkling to learn to make an authentic knit stocking for your holiday festivities, I have made this pattern for YOU (insert happy cheers)!

This pattern uses Super Bulky Yarn, as it is the easiest to learn new things with AND it knits up quick so you have the endorphin boost to fuel you. I have included detailed pictures all along the way to help you through all the tricky moments.

I typically use Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick as my Super Bulky Yarn choice, however I found the colours really limiting - which led me to Hobbii. They carry a nice, delicious bulky yarn called Umami, and it is glorious - so many colours!!! It is 78% Acrylic and 22% Wool. That little bit of wool makes all the difference. I find 100% acrylic will sit stiff when knitted, whereas the wool helps to relax the knitted yarn.

The Easiest Stocking Knitting Pattern is available in the Etsy Shop. The thing I love about my knit stockings? We shove them full of stuff every Christmas Eve and they always return to their original shape.