Kin Doll Collection

These glorious dolls have taken a moment to make. When I first thought of the idea, I eagerly rose early the next morning to create my vision. To my surprise, drawing takes time. I used to spend hours upon hours drawing on my favourite canvas - my school notebooks and random bits of loose paper. Once I graduated school, I rarely drew. It requires a focus I rarely treat myself to. I am so glad I pursued the creation of these dolls - they have awakened a much starved part of myself and I am so excited to nurture it more!

The concept is a stuffed doll - like a pillow. The doll can be embroidered and embellished however the maker would like, making each one original. I am working on a smaller series that can be propped into the limbs of a Christmas tree and littles can play with. SO many ideas to contend with on this one!