I am a firm believer in baking and sharing one's baking and recipes. I have never held my recipes close and protected them from others - I love to share things that bring me immense joy with everyone I come into contact with. I am my father's daughter in that regard!

Which brings me to a new chapter in this journey.... I want to share with you and I am so excited to do so! I am in the process of setting up an Etsy shop for the recipes that have been either passed down through my heritage or carefully curated over the years. The recipes will cost very little and hopefully still feel accessible to whomever desires them.

I know that other bloggers share the recipes at no cost and make a profit from the ads.... I JUST CAN'T DO THAT. I despise sifting through ads. It is torture at times. That is not how I want my own little corner of the internet to feel like.

I want to be able to share the best with you in the most curated way possible. The idea of starting an Etsy shop for my recipes came as inspiration one day as I was dreaming of having a full functioning kitchen again.

As some of you know... I live in a renovation house. A FULL renovation house. Everything is slowly being restored or replaced and that takes money. So I thought 'what if I could share my recipes for a smidge and slowly bring this kitchen of mine up to speed?'. I love the idea of creating a partnership with every single one of you and going through this journey together.

Let's do this!

Check out the current Kitchen. Our house was built in 1965 and this would have been a spancy-pants house in the day. I would love to see original pictures!

The footprint is large for an older home - so much potential! It has beautiful mahogany veneered cabinets, however they are pretty blistered and chipped. We plan on keeping the bases and refinishing them. I love keeping parts of the old house with the newer updates. The countertop even has an electrical mount for attaching blenders and such to it. The countertops are now peeling and lifting pretty badly - we have tried contact cement and other adhesives, but they are done and are begging to be removed and taken to a final resting place. The wall oven is just bigger than an easy bake oven ;D.

I have been designing the dream kitchen in Sketchup and I will share it with you soon!

These are pictures of the original kitchen when we moved in... the last picture is the only picture I seem to have of that corner. There is a door there too... Every room in the house could be closed off. It was very dark and bottle-necked easily. On the up side - you could make a ruckus in the kitchen and no one would hear you!

This is the current situation...

We removed the wall between the dining room to the kitchen. The door and part of the wall by the oven was removed. The flow is beautiful!