It can be rather daunting to find the right materials sometimes, especially when they are as specific as Roving Wool.

Roving Wool is exquisite and somewhat addicting. It is like cotton candy with its lightness and colours. I definitely recommend every doll enthusiast to have a stash, especially for rainy days full of making.

I have two sources for Roving Wool...

First is the local Knitting Store - Knitting Time (in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada).

Second is Mohair and More. The Merino is delightful and ever so soft and luscious. I usually purchase the 1 oz size, unless I foresee great things with a specific colour. The shipping to Canada is a bit of a chore, so I always have a healthy list of colours to order when the time comes.

I dearly hope you try your hand at felting! It just FEELS legit, like one could skip back to the past to all the fabulous makers and fit right in.

Roving wool has not yet been spun into yarn and looks like a long loose rope of fluffiness. When separating roving wool, alway tear - never cut!

Dolls patterns that use roving wool are The Greta Pocket Doll, The Whimsy Doll Pattern, and The Heirloom Fairy Doll.