Marie curie doll

Anyone else completely head over heels for the Little People BIG DREAMS books??? I love them, my 4 year old loves them and my 10 year old loves them.... so I think that is solid evidence that we all should love them.

Which brings us to this moment. My daughter nonchalantly asked is I could possibly create the amazing women from the books..... then she insisted very nonchalantly and most persuasively (not much persuasion needed as my mind was already on FIRE). And the beginning of the Marie Curie Doll was born. She is currently Gwyneth's favourite historical super woman, with good reason.

She is still in progress (the doll, not the human), but I do take a moment each day to cast my gaze her way and sigh. I will post the pattern for her face below. For the doll pattern, go to my Etsy Shop and use the Modern Vintage Doll Pattern.

Her dress shall be completed soon.... after Halloween goes away. And school projects are completed (is that a thing?). Unless I have a breakdown and rebel and make the dress defying the to-do hierarchy (that is a thing... I will prolly wear my badass hot pink sweatshirt, too).

Use the same method of embroidery used in the My Doll Pattern in the Etsy Shop for the face.

A breakdown of the process:

Print image below at 100%. Using the placement guides shown, fit on top of the with the Modern Vintage Doll Pattern. Place over cut body piece and trace face with a dissolving fabric pen. Use a backstitch with 3 embroidery threads in black to outline the eyes and lashes. Outline the pupil the full 6 threads of the embroidery floss starting with a backstitch outlining it. Do a backstitch in green along the bottom of the pupil for the iris. Add a white dot with embroidery floss to give some depth. Add the eyebrows with a light brown floss (3-6 strands). Cut lips from good quality wool felt and attach with a dab of fabric glue and reinforce with 2 stitches. I buy my felt from Gingermelon on Etsy. She also sells the most darling patterns for small felt dolls - I went through a phase a made many of them a few years back. I highly recommend you do the same.


Here is the breakdown....

Use a 7.5"x9" piece of faux velvet for the main hair and 4"x20" piece for the bun. Always cut your fabric so the nap favours the natural flow for he hair - in this case the nap goes from the front of the face towards the back. The nap direction on the bun piece isn't worrisome, as it will be twisted and such.

Follow the images below for how to tuck and sew. I find hair a different journey with each doll and need to play and experiment with it as I go.

I also blushed her cheeks with... well..... my blush....

I will post more as I progress!!!!!!!

I also blushed her cheeks with , blush....

I will post more as I progress!!!!!!!