I have opinions about Fudge... I want the real deal. Not a mix, not a jar of marshmallow cream mixed with chocolate resulting in a weak confection that my gramma would sob to learn has been concocted.

Candy making is such an adventure and a science. Making fudge you are dissolving the sugars crystals and cooking them to a certain temperature and then intentionally returning them to crystallized form. If this process is done incorrectly, it will result in a grainy fudge. Yet, when done correctly.... the outcome is morsels of heaven in your mouth. It is a delightful journey!

This fudge recipe base was built from my grandmother Birdie's. Don't worry - there are more instructions and details than what hers included. On hers the ingredients were listed and then the instructions stated 'cook and turn'. It makes me laugh every time - candy making is a bit more technical than that.

Find the recipe for the creamiest, yummiest REAL Fudge you will ever eat HERE.

Some pictures of the journey.... the recipe includes pictures of every step to help the process of candy making an absolute JOY for you.