So excited.

Well... it has been a minute.

While the beginnings of my doll-making began many many years ago, designing them from self-drafted newspaper cut-outs to digital downloads is relatively recent.

It began in 2018 when I was rather disgruntled with myself and after much thought, I decided to attend the local College for Interior Design Technology. I was elated. It was all I could think about and plan for. As such, the fear of being 'out of date' began to weigh heavily on my mind. To remedy this, I challenged myself to convert all the doll and play clothes sewing patterns I had created over the years for my babies into digital patterns. So I did and off I went to school in the fall of 2019 and graduated in the fall of 2021. And I excelled. Turns out I am good at school. I was awarded Valedictorian for Lethbridge College for Fall 2021.

Now I am coming back full circle. Returning to the thing I began to calm my nerves while anticipating a massive life change. Making doll patterns. I have learned many things in the last few years and each could be its own journal entry, but this one will do for today:


Not to what you are good at - they probably align in somewhat anyway.

Not to what others think you should do - seriously. More on this later.

I am so excited to return to doll-making and cannot wait to relieve my mind of the magical creations that are dancing away in my mind waiting to be shared.

But first... I am revisiting my first creations and giving them a polish. So without further preamble, I re-present the My Doll Sewing Pattern. This pattern was first created for my youngest daughter's, Pippa, third birthday. I hope you love it and enjoy it as much as I do!