We bought a reno...

More than once over the last few weeks, I have received concerned looks that reflected 'you are absolutely ludicrous' as we plunged through yet another house tour showing off our newly acquired reno.

Maybe we are. Our previous home was in the urban suburbs and it was fresh and new. It was light and airy and beautiful and....... easy.

Yet I felt like a part of myself was missing. I longed for something - something that was not exactly tangible. It always comes back to the making for me.

I want to make every bit of my life, down to the teensiest detail.

I cannot even begin to describe the power this desire has over me. It thrums from my core. Can anyone relate?

So without further ado, meet our beautiful mess. These pictures are from before we moved in. I cannot wait to update you as we putter along creating our home. It is going to take a hot minute as the budget keeps demanding to be the center of attention...