I knew I was planning a shoot late into the holiday season…

BUT… it was never about the dolls or the ‘marketing’. It will forever be about capturing Pip (and Kate💕) with my joy of dolls in every season of her life.

Many of you know I once had a pretty dreamy job designing and drafting exquisite fairytale cottages for a pretty fantastic company. If you wonder why I left, this post will tell you everything you need to know.

One day I looked at my youngest baby and realized I could never trade anything to gain the time back with my family. 

Ever since posting that first doll pattern on Etsy, I could SEE and FEEL so many fabulous things to make and photoshoots to style - and my favourite model was growing up (just like all my other favourite models did).

I did the only reasonable thing. I quit and I haven’t looked back. I walk with her to school every morning, we play games, and we make the things. I was not particularly patient or revelled in the little things with my older kids… I was under the illusion of time.

SO... I threw my heart into the joys of designing some Holiday Dolls, styling a photoshoot, and the rest is history.

Enjoy the highlights!