I have a system when it comes to almost anything I create. The first time I will make it, I will follow the rules perfectly, taking notes. After that.... I can never do it the first way again or I become immensely bored.

A few weeks ago I chanced upon this 100% wool yarn. The colours are GORGEOUS and the texture is rather course - the perfect combination for felting hair. I finally pulled it out yesterday and I am so glad I did. I am smitten. The texture is incredible for felting. I usually add a few stitches with thread over felted hair to ensure it stays tacked on, but with this yarn there is no need!

I used the Greta Pocket Doll Pattern for the doll. The doll base is 100% quilters cotton and she is stuffed with poly-fill. Below are the steps to felt your own wool yarn hair. The most important thing to felting is PLAY. There a million hairstyles that can be crafted - just go with it. For this doll, I figured it out as I went - you can too!


  • Felting needle (fine to medium tip)
  • 100% course wool yarn, like Alafosslopi
  • doll sewn and ready for hair

Make it - because you can!

xo, Kyla