Oh, it is back. I can't believe I let us ever drift apart. I am regretting selling my old beautiful medium format and the like…

I do love my digital camera. I love the safety. It lets me shoot anywhere… really. I can manipulate my white balance and exposure with the ease of a well oiled crank.

Film urges me to pause. Look at what is really there. It lets me treasure the subtleties of flaws. In a world that is slowly becoming visually ‘perfect’, I am losing the sight of all that is soft. Film is soft. and risky. I think I might be starting a love affair. Who am I kidding? I am fully embroiled in one.

This is roll ONE of many many more…

If there is one thing I could tell you, it would be to let yourself be soft. There is beauty in the elusive. Tack sharp can feel burdensome and more than a little boring.


P.S. You are more beautiful than you think… trust me. you already have EVERYTHING you already need.