Did you know that my sister, Angie, and I were pretentious enough to self-publish a cookbook?

This was YEARS ago and the days before Pinterest and recipes at one’s fingertips. I believe it was published in 2008.

It all started when a girl from Southern Alberta published a book. It was called ‘Real.Life.Scrapbooking by Rebecca Cooper’. I bought it - I was not a scrapbook enthusiast, but I was just so amazed that someone within fewer than 6 degrees of me could create something so marvellous.

That moment started the wheels turning and the end result was our cookbook. It is no longer a thing, but we had such a blast learning how to pull it together. I still use mine weekly (it has seen better days).

These Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies were part of that cookbook and are still requested by my kids on the regular. Dress them up with a drizzle of mint chocolate and you have power over people you may have never experienced before.

These Decadent Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies were one of the recipes in the cookbook. It is still a favourite of my kids (and myself)... You can dress them up by adding flaked sea salt, drizzling mint chocolate on top, adding toffee bits, or different kinds of chocolates! Go wild!