Most things I make are the end of a looooong rabbit hole. I see something cool, admire it, and then wonder if I can make it.

This particular adventure began with my darling SIL flaunting an exquisitely colourful necklace from Anthropologie. It was just SO happy. The niggling to make it started deep in my belly. I pushed it down, reminding myself that jewelry is a pricey road to go down, plus I have been there and done that...

Then my Pinterest feed joined the harassing with adding the most jolly earrings to my feed. So, here we are.

I justified the cost with planning to gift them to all I love this year. I always justify things that way and rarely follow through because I fear they will think me silly with my homemade eccentrics.

However, every November I attend a 'My Favourite Things' party hosted by the most charming person ever and thought these earrings would be the perfect gift. The said party has not yet happened this year, but I am quite certain no one reads this blog, thus my gift shall not be spoilt... I will add chocolate to soften the blow of the homemade trinkets and ease my mind of the 'not enough' nagging.

They were SO FUN TO MAKE. If the receivers could feel but an ounce of that they would be satisfied for a good while. My daughters soon joined the frenzy and the lists of earrings to make for gifts has increased mightily. You should definitely go down this rabbit hole. I sourced the beads through thrifting, local craft stores, and MayaHoney on Etsy.

Here is what you need:

  • earring studs with loop and rubber backs
  • earring ball head pins, 2"
  • beads; glass, acrylic, seed - whatever you want!
  • jewelry pliers; round nose and snipe nose

Please note... anytime you are venturing to make something for the first time or the 100th, you will make mistakes and have to try again. It is rarely easy peasy no lemon squeezy - enjoy it! It is part of the magic. I was much too aggressive with the pliers a few times in this adventure...