Whew. This pattern has taken a heartbeat. The pattern will officially be listed tomorrow on the Etsy shop!

The vision of these dolls are went sent me down the path of creating the BUG Embroidery Ornament Pattern and the SUN MOON STARS embroidery Ornament Pattern. It took awhile to draw dolls that matched my minds' eye and I am delighted with the result - I hope you are too! So far every kid that has seen them as swooned and begged for me to make a set for them.

These rag dolls are more like a soft doll pillow. The Kin Doll is about 11" tall - like a soft Barbie. I need to thrift the perfect basket for them to reside in.

The doll itself is relatively easy to make - you can make it as simple or as ornate as you like! They are definitely more of an art doll and should not be played with too aggressively. If you choose to add beads, keep out of the reach of curious young mouths!